About us

Bitency officially opened her doors in September 2008. We started as a small provider with designing websites and the corresponding webhosting and domain registrations.

It soon became clear that there was also a need for services like; Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated and Colocation. By now we do not design websites anymore, in this way we can concentrate purely on the supply of Hosting services.

In September 2011 we decided that we were going to use the label “Bitency” for our hosting services. Along with the new label came a new website, style and customer panel.

Why Bitency?

  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • Professional support
  • Secure data center and redundant network
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • A-brand hardware Dell, HP, Supermicro, Cisco & Foundry
Bitency is official RIPE member with a own IPv4 and IPv6 IP-ranges. Because of this, we are not depening on third parties regarding managing and controlling IP-addresses.

Datacenter and Network

Bitency makes use of the Global-e datacenter in Rijen for providing our services. Global-e Datacenter is a hypermodern carrier neutral datacenter. Global-e Datacenter has a full redundant infrastructure, including UPS, emergency generators and air conditioning.

The datacenter also has an advanced fire detection system. The datacenter is both outside as inside provided with a CCTV. Our access procedure guarantees that only authorized personal have access to the datacenter.

Foto datacenter - Eaton UPS redundant N+1
- Generator
- Air-conditioning redundant N+1
- Racks in Cold corridor setup
- DX-Cooling + Dry cooling (cooling with outside filtered air)

Global-e has her own 10-Gbit fiber ring to Amsterdam. Connections: AMS-ix, NL-ix, Telia, Tinet, Openpeering and JointTransit.

Only high quality Cisco, HP & Foundry equipment is used for the network.

All our access switches are redundant connected with two separated fiberglass connections on our Cisco 3750G-12s routers. If one of the connection fails, the other connection will take over without any problems.

Network details:
AS-number: AS61029
Test IP-address:
Prefixes: & 2a00:8240::/32

Foto impression

Pictures say more than a thousand words, that is why we have put online several photos of the datacenter and our servers.

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